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Partnership Realty Inc is helping our Agents get through the financial burden of our current Economy. Florida is one of the many States which was hit the hardest by the real estate market downturn. That’s why, Partnership Realty Inc offers 100% Commission with NO Hidden charges or Fees every day more and more real estate agents abandoning high commission splits and joined brokerages which offer compensation that is sustainable in these economic times.

The real estate industry has been one of the hardest hit by the This Recession. After all, in America, so much relies on all things surrounding the home and property development.

With us agents come first. This is our credo. As a Real Estate Broker, we are perfectly clear that our productive agents are our biggest asset. To counter the economic issues we took a strong position in paying full 100% Commission with NO Hidden charges or Fees and eliminated all monthly broker fees, we created efficient, fast and reliable broker support system allowing our agents full independence and mobility.


Partnership Realty Inc is a company that is excited about technology and dedication to education and the success of its sales team. Our sales associates attend ongoing education training, including a variety of work shop events and classes, to maintain the highest level of expertise and knowledge in such a competitive marketing era.
Hands-on computer training to all sales associates. We have a team of dedicated professionals offering support to our staff. In our highly competitive business world, everyone likes to believe they are different.

Partnership Realty Inc. is different…and we can prove it. Our customer base boasts 95% repeat business with nine out of every ten new clients a referral from a satisfied customer. That kind of advertising can not be purchased and we are humbled by the faith our clients show in us. Agents need to work smarter not harder.

100% commission the same day of closing

Some companies will have you wait for your commission up to 10 days or more after you close on a property. We don’t think that’s very fair. You worked hard on getting that deal to the close, and we are sure you’d want your commission the very same day. That's why we offer you: 100% commission the same day after closing.

Immediate positions available in Palm Beach & St. Lucie County for licensed Real Estate Professionals in need of 100% commission. So start your career today, grow your business and expand your horizons. We are looking for Residential and Commercial Real Estate professionals with any of the following expertise in:

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Commercial sales
  • Rentals
  • Property Management

Partnership Realty Inc. offers state of the art technology and Experience. Partnership Realty Inc. offers the opportunities to become wealthy if you have the right mix of analytical skills and entrepreneurial drive. Salaries in Real Estate depend greatly on what you do. Some of the wealthiest people in the world have successfully made it in the Real Estate profession. Technology has become very important in real estate that's why Partnership Realty Inc. strives to stay ahead of our competitors. We are not interested in being the biggest just the best.

Our hands-on broker has over 33 years of residential real estate experience, and extensive knowledge of real estate law.

Partnership Realty Inc offers a 100% True Commission Program.

  • 100% Commission for all Agents
  • New License “No Problem”
  • Zero Monthly or Annual Fees • Annual Conventions and Award Ceremony
  • Monthly Training Work Shops
  • E&O Insurance paid by Broker
  • General Liability Insurance paid by Broker
  • Broker Support • New Agent Training
  • First 1000 Business Cards Free
  • Custom IDX search portal
  • Two Offices with Internet, Fax, Copies & Phone lines
  • Use of conference room and private meeting office
  • Full Time Receptionist “ No more Floor Time Duty ”
  • Document Library for easy access
  • No Pressure Sale • No Desk Fees
  • No Bureaucracy, big corporate structure, or endless rules and regulations to deal with
  • Work full time or Part time and your commission split remain the same with every deal
  • Negotiate your own commissions, don’t lose a sale or listing over any company set commission
  • Referral Bonuses ( See Referral Program )
  • Registered with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development “ HUD ”
  • Registered with Freddie Mac
  • Registered with Chase REO

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there monthly fees?
    • None

  2. Is this a True 100% Commission?
    • Yes, to all seasoned and new agents
    • The plan is very simple, you keep 100% commissions

  3. Does office have realtor assistant support?
    • Yes
    • Full time Short Sale Processor / Negotiator
    • Full time Post closer
    • Full time transaction coordinator available

  4. How long has Partnership Realty Inc been in business?
    • 14 Years in Florida

  5. How long has the broker been licensed?
    • 33 Years with residential real estate sales in Florida

  6. Do I need E & O Insurance?
    • No, we offer free Errors & Omissions
    • Free General Liability Insurance

  7. How many locations do we have to work out of?
    • We offer to all our agents’ two convenient locations with conference rooms, meeting rooms and work stations
    • Agents have 24 hour access to both locations

  8. Does the office have a full time receptionist?
    • Yes, a bilingual full time person

  9. What type of office support do you provide?
    • We have full time employees to take care of agent needs and wants
    • We have ongoing training every month
    • Probably more service provided than at most traditional companies
    • We have corporate training by outside professionals and one on one training internally, on a continual basis

  10. Am I required to do floor duty?
    • No – There is no official floor time, receptionist will direct all calls to the listing or buyers agent

  11. Are there mandatory meetings?
    • No, but we recommend agents attending
    • Agent’s success in real estate is determined by who they are, their real estate knowledge, experience & Service

  12. Are there business principals and practice?
    • Yes and we are very strict about them

  13. How do agents get paid?
    • Agents are paid the very same day of closing
    • Agents could also get paid by direct deposit

  14. How does the office get paid?
    • Office has a transaction fee due per file

  15. How long does it take to become a Partner of Partnership Realty Inc?
    • Same Day
    • After the initial interview with the qualifying broker or office manager and completion of paperwork, the process takes less than 1 hour
    • Registration could also be completed online

What about REO & BPO Foreclosure Service

Partnership Realty Inc is a HUD approved real estate firm. Being HUD approved you can obtain listing, place bids on foreclosure properties for your clients. In addition, as an agent of Partnership Realty Inc Professionals, you will be included into our database of REO/ BPO real estate agents. This will allow you to manage real estate owned properties & provide broker price opinion foreclosure services to all of our affiliated banks, lending institutions and private investors. This additional income stream can generate you income on foreclosure listings across the state

HUD approved

Becoming a Partnership Realty Inc Agent is one of the best decisions you will make in your Real Estate career, and as we all know, in Real Estate as in Life it’s all about making good decisions.

Partnership Realty Inc. Two Conveniently Locations

Agents work from two conveniently based offices using Online Transaction Tools that reduce mail time and operating cost while keeping sensitive client information secure and paperless. Never a requirement to visit the office. We pay you immediately the day of closing with Direct Deposits. Sales associates can conduct business at any of our 2 offices. Each office is equipped with computers, industry software, scanners, color printers, fax machines and Conference rooms.

Partnership Realty Inc. Best Technology

Your clients need the best website tools to search properties online, receive automated daily emails with property listings matching their search criteria and our agents are empowered with a platform 100% web-based that can be accessed from any where in the world.

Partnership Realty Inc. Has No sign up

Free to leave and take your listings with you at any time. No mandatory sales meetings or floor duty, our office offers a full time receptionist. Office manager is always available to the agents for coaching and support.

Partnership Realty Inc. Learning Platform:

The learning platform offers local training instructor and self-learn programs so you can take your career to higher advancements. We offer in house work shops that can help everyone, from the new agent to the most experienced broker. Our agents have access to industry leaders that will enhance your real estate career. Prospects expect experience and knowledge in their agent. If you are just beginning your real estate career you will need training. Realtors, you'll also enjoy the benefit of being in business for yourself and create your own business plans, set your own schedule, your own vacations and work under no pressure.

Partnership Realty Inc Referral Program:

Member can receive credit and rewards for each new Member sign up. Designed exclusively for our Realtors only.

Partnership Realty Inc. Career:

When considering a real estate career, you want to work with a company that is stable, financially strong, and an active sales leader in the area. Partnership Realty Inc real estate sales volume has increased 300 percent over the past two years. We help realtors to run their own business while staying within the confines of the law. If you are considering a new career in real estate or are transferring from another broker, we would be happy to answer any and all your questions. Prospective sales associates are given all the information they need to decide if a career as a Partnership Realty Inc sales associate is right for them.